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09-15-2013, 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by lake1771 View Post
As for tac consoles, who knows. what i'd like to see are some viable alternatives to the vanilla energyweapon type consoles you mUst use in most cases to be effective. meaning, buffed up generic damage type tac consoles like prefire chambers that add acc or reduce cooldown or something. or DEM Consoles, or Torpedo generic damage consoles. etc.

Something that doesn't make what we have now ( mk xii phaser relays 'n induction coils, phase modulators and pulse generators) and make them irrelevant, but that gives new life to the other tac consoles that have fallen out of use because there's always something better.
I don't think we need more ACC in this game because I can foresee instant hate for them for unbalancing things. A+defense console would be better, since there is enough ACC in this game already. A cooldown reducing console for torpedoes would maybe render projectile doffs irrelevant and again possibly create imbalance since you free up doff slots.