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Pay attention to your ship's energy levels, they are very important in a fight. First, it's highly recommended that you set your power display to bars, to do this, click the icon at the top right corner, and click 3 (this is for the ability to edit, if you are satisfied with all your power settings, 2 is less intrusive).
Weapons power provide additional damage, for example, a weapons which deals 100DPS will deal 100 DPS at 50 power, and 200DPS at 100 weapons power. Firing energy weapons will drain weapons power.
Shield power boosts shield regeneration rates. A shield will function normally at 50 power, and an extra regeneration rate of 1 will be added to each side of the shields for every point above 50. Shields will drop when below 25 power.
Engine power directly affects the speed and turn rate of your ship. The stats are different for every ship.
Auxiliary power ties into your abilities (most important for science). Abilities such as Hazard Emitters and Auxiliary to structural are directly affected by your auxiliary power level. The stats are different for every ability.
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