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Thanks for the kind remarks and the tip!
I haven't gotten very far in the Nukara rep and really haven't looked at what's in there yet. There's so many weapons and consoles in the game already I get lost easily trying to figure out what's useful.
Well if you want to take a shortcut, the devs place the current reputation gear on tribble for playtesting. You can get the web mines, space sets, and weapons for a "try before you buy" experience. The Omega Force contact on Deep Space Nine grants these items on the Tribble Test Server. To copy a character to tribble test server, use this link

After a character is copied, you should see a Tribble Test Server option in your Star Trek Online launcher. Patch up the latest Tribble Test build, and you can make playtests in Ker'rat or Borg Red Alerts (Sometimes STFs if enough people are on).