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The foundational mechanics do not scale very well.

If the level cap was 40 and Tier 4 ships were as far as you could go half of the problems would disappear with the original design. If the original mechanics all actually worked properly (crew I'm looking at you) several other problems would vanish. Finally if they would have truely fixed some of the bad mechanics instead of knee-jerking fixes that create more problems (your turn Tac Team) well yeah.
the rpg mechanics dont scale well because they are at their core intended for tabletop pve teams.
in the computer game setting the game designer took the role of dungeon master when designing the level for the small team of people to go through in their little team of tabletop rpg classes.

what part of sto does that narrow formula actually apply to sto? some of the old stf stuff thats horribly dated against the new content?
those systems are now obsolete, along with the old rpg game system. its been antiquated by technology and is just losing to other systems that are more flexible, like the balancing systems used in balancing classes in shooters and the systems used in balancing units in rts, because these systems CAN actually scale and adapt because they where designed for computer games with larger teams of players and for addressing hundreds of distinct entities in play.

something antiquated rpg mechanics just cant do because they where never designed with such scenarios in mind.
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can you say attack pattern angry forumers 3?
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Considering Ryan broke 25k in a NX, I expect he could easily pull 10k in an Escape Pod with a Hand Phaser.

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