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Doffs don't level at all, their abilities and statuses are set from the moment they are generated in the system. As time goes by you simply get to buy or earn better ones. All the experience their missions reward is for your captain.

Boff's are NPCs, and sort of compared to virtual pets, except you don't need to feed them or clean up after them. Doffs and Doffing is sort of like a one player collectible card game. Boffs get weapons and fear and fight beside you. A doff only exists as that picture and dossier in the doffing menu. There are super ultra rare ones that are valued at millions of energy credits. Most are randomized images names and traits, while a few very rare ones are references to Trek canon and pop culture in general.

You can visit a tailor and give your boff's a makeover. You have the option to rename them. You can visit the Boff trainers and they will teach them new skills, and you can teach them certain skills that match your career track.

Boff's can come and go at the drop of a hat. A few minutes ago I bought about 150 common (aka whites) for a project for my fleet. Nearly every project requires them, meanwhile uses for packed Boff's (boffs not on your active roster) are few and far between.
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