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The best way to earn the most rewards is to make sure the duty officers' traits match the "Success" and "Critical Success" requirments of a mission, and not the "Failure" or "Disaster" ones. Also note the "Casuality" possiblites of a mission. Doffs can get hurt (and require some time in sick bay before they can be used again) or outright killed and gone forever (Note: this applies to all doffs, so even though you can get non-organic doffs like an EMH hologram [Known as the "Photonic" race] it can still be hurt or killed). So if you have a doff who's of great vailue, but the risk of damage is extream, you might want to rethink that mission, becuase even if you scuceed, they can still end up not coming back.
Rare and Very Rare Duty officer can not be killed unless the mission specifically says in big bold letters that they will not be coming back. Rare and Very Rare duty officers used to have a chance to die on "Disaster", but Cryptic changed this back toward the end of Season 5 when a lot of players lost duty officers they paid real world money to obtain. Common and Uncommon duty officers can be killed or injured in all cases.