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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
i really need to go back and update everything thats been posted pre LoR. hell, pre elatchi lockbox
It's mind-boggling how much stuff they've added...isn't it? Heck, I forgot the Inspirational Leader and Helmsman traits for that much stuff.

I've been pretty consistent (sic) in the various AtB threads out there with my complaint - the inconsistency. Not about nerfing it - just making it consistent. I've got a feeling that Cryptic is going to nerf AtB though. Cause haven't we seen it elsewhere?

There's mechanic X.

Cryptic adds oodles of things (that generally generate revenue for them in some manner) that affect or are affected by mechanic X.

Folks start complaining about mechanic X.

Rather than address all of their revenue generating monstrosities...they nerf mechanic X instead.

In the end, this is going to lead to the game actually being P2W, eh? Cause all the core stuff will end up so nerfed up the wahzoo...that you'll need all the crap even to get a glimmer of the performance you had before they added all the garbage.

I can't help but picture Geko in a holodeck program as Uncle Scrooge swimming through a pool fool of gold coins...
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