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09-16-2013, 12:50 AM
The aux to bat lovers are cute. I'll pretty much leave it at that... anyone that doesn't understand how these doffs are broken... really isn't ever going to get it. I am not saying they are destroying the game... neither did being able to load a second copy of a tac buff though. Just because something can be countered or isn't always the best way to play doesn't mean it isn't contrary to the game mechanics.

Hey the current dev that seems be doing anything close to balance fixes agrees... I think everyone enjoying the tech doff hax right now should be thankful Cryptic doesn't allow there devs to follow anything through... tech doffs where saved by having no one really paying any attention to them after they where dropped.

Remove or correct them now and incur the wrath of the PvE kids using tech doffs to ra*e borg. lol