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09-16-2013, 03:25 AM
Originally Posted by nithanath View Post
The lance is supposed to kill you. What do you expect? It does not matter if it hits with 600k or a million. Or do you want to build a space-brick cruiser and tank the lance shots?

The problem is that when the vessels start firing the lance, it's like a BFaW... not always they start to do so, but when they start it's like that. Moreover you can try to reach the queen's ship at full impulse, but if something shot at you then the second hit is the lance. IMHO all the mission should be harder, but not because of things like a instant kill weapon.

The conditions where the lance cannot target you ("under the guns", etc.) should work though. Maybe a dev could confirm that they do and that they have tested it.
yes, it works (at least 99%). The problem is some camera behaviour but most often if you are hit while FI, often you receive the lance too.

And even Ryan in his "op build" dies. But I see no tears in his eyes...
my answers was about the timing only... because his post was like "It's easy because I can do ii in 3 minutes"...