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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
unless your useing brel tactics on a tvaro, 100/30/15/15 is stranded escortish warbird power settings, with EPtS and EPtE. on an AtB build, its always a good idea to have a key bind that dumps power into aux and shields, to help guaranty a successful cloak, no mater what AtB does to your aux levels. and a chase keybind with maxed engine power. you can set that up in the option menu though easily enough

on all my ships, i use the keybinds here, and owe a great deal of my success to their ability to maximize my reaction time. ether for oh crap buttons, or to set up an alpha faster then humanly possible. if you guys are constantly getting killed when you had life saving measures that if you could only have clicked faster you would have lived, then its time to make keybinds.

that 2 AtB scimitar, and that skill tree, have created the most dangerous ship ive ever used, or really seen anyone ever use, its a monster and i love it
thank you for your regent info, I will try that asap.

also with the scimitar, How can I get the weapon power level to hit 125 ?
I'm running 15/100/30/15 .

I can always get shields and engines to hit 125
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