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09-16-2013, 10:08 AM
I have a suggestion on leveling a character and that would be to do the story missions. I have never got a level up in mirror event and most of the time I miss it anyway.

I know the story missions suck and they seriously need to revamp it but that wont happen since every update is more toward end game content and new rep systems that make us enlessly grind until we want to quit.

I recently leveled a new character to max and if you work hard on it then it isn't that bad.

As for the rep system and all of that to make the character the best you can have I do have a tip on that as well. I used my main toon to get the gear when my alt was leveling up. This gear was not from the rep or fleet because that is bound to character.

Using the account bank I was able to transfer gear to the other character. It really made a difference leveling up and once I hit level 50 I slapped some mk xii gear on the character. I then ran a few Elite STF's to get T3 omega and the ground maco set.

As for the rest of the leveling up with the doff system and all of that, I am working on it but the main part of levelign up is done.

Hope this helps.

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