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09-16-2013, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
A lot of missing or wrong information for example photon mines do not take systems offline. No info on mines effects like Quantums moving faster with larger explosion radius. Photon have a longer trigger distance and extra stealth and all the rest you missed. You use DMGx3 but last time I checked DMG was broken and doesn?t work on mines. Then there are the mine types you missed like Quantum or Tachyon Mines but I guess that's as you have not used them. You said photon are the highest dps mine. Surly Plasma and Quantum are higher on a mine based ship.
Photon mines have a shorter deployment cooldown over quantum. Also, [DMG] does work with mines, but [CrtH] or [CrtD] are usually considered to be more valuable. Tachyon Mines are meh given the double nerf Cryptic gave them after the feedback.