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09-16-2013, 11:11 AM
Perception is reality. Even if Borticus says that contraband farming wasn't the intended use of orion slavers, it became as such and that became the norm, regardless of whether or not Cryptic could change the stats at anytime. Orion slavers were attractive because of the decent amount of contraband they stole. Without that, they are pointless, aside from using them for RP purposes. Each ship/pet in the game should be unique, and that was what was unique about the slavers, and that's why we spent tons of dilithium on them. There is no reason to waste any dilithium on slavers now as Doff missions can yield much more in energy credits and shinies and you're better off going with bops, interceptors or power siphons anyways. If Cryptic wants to be taken seriously, they have to come up with a better reason for removing the only unique aspect of an item aside from an internal metric being interpreted as slavers yield too much contraband.