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Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
I'm sorry but i don't want everybody to have a universal boff that uses science powers or else whats the point of having the science class!? subsystem disabling should be listed as science abilities, not tactical abilities.
The main issue is, that you get only an target sub 1 in a sci ship as inate, which is pretty pointless, especially now with the resistances. Would be nice if they upgrade the Target Subsystem inate abilities to lvl 2 in the lvl 50 sci ships.

And btw. why should target subsystems be a sci power? Depending on the point of view it can also be a eng or a tac power. The fact that sci ships get a inate version of it, does not mean it is a sci skill.

They just gave it to sci ships as a compensation. To be honest i don't remember which argument they used, why sci ships have a inbuild version.
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