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09-16-2013, 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
I'm sorry but i don't want everybody to have a universal boff that uses science powers or else whats the point of having the science class!? subsystem disabling should be listed as science abilities, not tactical abilities.
Bad idea. Now if they actually added more space boff traits it would be nice. The existing selection is 4 (there is a 5th, but only some players have those):
Leadership = Subsystem Repair + 20 skill<- Note that with 5, you can skip spending skill point on this altogether.
Efficient = +7.5 WC effciency. <- if you have an effcient captain and spend a couple of points on this skill, it is completely pointless unless you like getting +1 or less power per boff.
Superior Romulan Operative = The current favorite, the crit boff. (Limited to tac stations for fed adding to the escorts online theme)
Subterfuge (Romulan) Infiltrator (Reman) = Cloack buff

So out of those 4, we have one cloack boff, one tac boff, and 2 engineer skill boffs. It would be nice if devs threw sci captains a nice boff with a sci trait. How about a boffs with Astrophysicist and with the same +10 bonus as the captain (like Leadership on the subsystem repair side)? I think it would balance things off for sci toons.