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Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
A lot of missing or wrong information for example photon mines do not take systems offline. No info on mines effects like Quantums moving faster with larger explosion radius. Photon have a longer trigger distance and extra stealth and all the rest you missed. You use DMGx3 but last time I checked DMG was broken and doesn?t work on mines. Then there are the mine types you missed like Quantum or Tachyon Mines but I guess that's as you have not used them. You said photon are the highest dps mine. Surly Plasma and Quantum are higher on a mine based ship.
____I was pretty clear about the fact that this was limited to my usage and my experiences with my build.

____You are correct about the photons not taking systems offline, I'll edit that out. I must have confused them with something else. Thank you!

____I did not address triggering distance and I've never really looked at blast radius since the goal is to drop them point blank on your target, and your primary targets are single large ships/objects. But yes, those could make a difference in how you use them if anyone wanted to explore that.

____Photons mines have a higher base dmg rating than plasmas of the same mark/bonus. Plasmas may do more dmg if you include the proc, but I wasn't. And Quantum dmg is higher, but I don't use them. I'll change the wording.

____I don't really remember why I haven't used the quantums. If I recall correctly, I tried them and they shared a cooldown with tricobalts. They do receive 2 fewer mines in each level of DPB than their regular counterparts. A DPB spread give you 14 instead of 16.

____Now that I'm thinking about it, I never really considered cooldown times either. The major consideration is the DPB cooldown. So I never really concerned myself with the individual mine cooldowns.

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