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09-16-2013, 04:06 PM
I think, based on their releases of current Mirror options (ie. released in lockboxes), there are two possibilities that I'd like to see that seem pretty reasonable if enough people like it:-

Firstly, have a special box in the lockboxes that gives the option for players to add an 'I.S.S./A.K.S./A.R.W.' prefix to an existing ship, along with its Mirror texture, but not an actual ship itself. I doubt they'll release a Mirror version of Zen Store ships simply because it'll take away from profits, so, they can do the next best thing and put the textures and registry in the box, but no alternate ship. It'll be a good workaround for the non-releasing of Mirror Zen ships

Or, alteratively, release Mirror ships of lower Tier ships that we can use for any type of that ship (e.g. Mirror Akira ship with textures and registry so that the T5 Armitage for example can use the textures)
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