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09-16-2013, 10:52 PM
Moving through things isnt likely possible (at least not without severe glitches, which are the last thing STO needs more of) with the game engine we've got.

However, there's another way the phase cloak could be integrated - a lot of times, when you use cloaking in combat (battle cloaking, that is), you're under active attack by enemies. There will be energy weapons and torpedoes, mines, or other projectiles all coming for you. On my romulan character, fighting the tal shiar, I cant count the number of times I've tried to use my battle cloak only to have my shields drop and then get hit by a heavy plasma torp before I went fully invisible - not to mention that projectiles seem to continue following you even after you've completely cloaked, and will still impact your ship.
Also, for those few seconds before you completely cloak, your ship is left extremely vulnerable to energy weapons, which can still target you.

So, how could the phase cloak work? Simple - it makes you immune to any incoming attacks when attempting to cloak, allowing you to cloak while in combat without fear of your lowered shields making you vulnerable to enemy attacks or projectiles that have already been launched. These attacks and projectiles would simply pass through your ship as the cloak activates.

Also, while cloaked, the phase cloak could make you immune to damage from incoming attacks or effects - though attacks would cause your ship to decloak, so as to keep balance in pvp. What this means is that if you're cloaked and sneaking up on an enemy in pvp, and they see you while you're cloaked and initiate an attack, the attack will deal no damage (it will pass through you), but your cloaking device will begin to disengage due to the attack.