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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Lots of Pre-LoR, Post-LoR, and Proposed data concerning Pillage chance.
While you're in a giving mood as far as performance comparisons, can we also get Pre-LoR vs Post-LoR statistics for Shields, Hull, and Defense scores? My pets really do seem incredibly fragile compared to Pre-LoR, though this may be the loss of forced respawns to repair the pets and the lower quality of the "fill-in" respawns relative to Pre-LoR/Rank 2 carrier pets. Since it takes 10 mins of combat time for them to hit where they were originally, these comparisons might also help us see where some of the issues are arising.


[PS] Have you considered allowing a fighter launch to replace the most damaged fighters currently on the field, while carrying over their experience to the newly launched wing? I suggest this with the following logic:

1) We can always launch another fighter, as long as the old one dies. This means that the limit is the fighters in the area of operations, rather than the actual number aboard our ship. Replicator technology is awesome.
2) We have a Recall option. This means that we do have the ability to recover our fighters, according to the original Release Notes.
3) Dead pilots don't learn, living ones do. By this, I mean that if we recalled damaged fighters and launched fully operational ones in their place, the recalled pilots would not only retain their experience from the last flight... they'd also retain it into the next battle if they fought in it as well. While having truly persistent experience for our pilots would be cumbersome and impractical, simply refilling the shields/hull of the most heavily damaged fighters should be doable.

That's my little suggestion anyway. Thanks for reading

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