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09-17-2013, 04:12 AM
Ok I been lurking this thread a while and everyone seems really helpful and not the ship bashing type. I am running a Mirror Assault Cruiser with a Tac Captain (I know there are better ships I just like this one hehe). I am not much into the que type PvP but I do enjoy the occasional Kerrat run here and there and I like to run builds that I can PvE and PvP with.

So here is what I have heh.

Weapons Fore: 4x Elachi beam arrays

Weapon Aft: 3x Elachi beam arrays and cutting beam

MACO Mk XI Deflector and Shield

Aegis engine

Mk XII Warp Core Fleet [SEP] [A-W] [Acap] [SSS]

Eng Consoles: 2 Fleet MK X RCS [AllRes] 1 Fleet MK X Neutronium [turn] Assimilated Module

SCI Consoles: 1 Field Gen. and Zero Point Energy Console

Tac Console: 3 MK XI (blue) Disruptor consoles

BO layout is

Tac Lt: TT1, BFaW 2

Tac Ensign: BFaW 1

Eng Commander: EPtS 1, RSP 1, AUXtB 2, DEM 3

Lt Commander: EPtW 1, AUXtB 1, DEM 2

Sci Lt: HE 1, TSS 2

Doffs: 2 shield distrib. 2 technicians 1 Marion Francis

doff plotting always gives me trouble so any advice here greatly welcome.

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