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09-17-2013, 04:51 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Another 'everyone is wrong except me' post? And another example of you missing the point that you've only done this in an organised premade team and it tends to be PuGs that experience this problem.

It really isn't much good spouting off about how everyone is wrong when you haven't actually experienced the enviroment that the bug tends to occur in - but I guess you are just too good to participate in a PuG and you'd rather just sit in judgement of everyone else's inability to be as uber as you consider yourself to be.

This is becoming quite a habit for you.
I've shown you a video of me with a PuG team. Your first reaction was "You liar, this was recorded before lances could kill people", now you claim it was a premade? lol
Anyways, what's so bad about an organized team? STO is the only MMO I've ever seen
in which people completely despise premades...

As I've said before, please show me proof of the bug, I'd be glad to admit I was wrong, assuming there is valid evidence.