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09-17-2013, 07:07 AM
Originally Posted by l30p4rd View Post
You have got it all wrong. What you all need to do is delete your characters and just roll Rommies for the faction side you like, then you can all be OP like us Rommies are.

Feds were and always will be weak the KDF well they need a wash nuff said. Romulans Online is the new way accept it and move on (I have) never look back !

We have set bonus galore the quad cannons HAD to have a set bonus because we are Rommies, we are a far superior race than the rest in this universe, of course we have set bonus on everything and what is yet to come what were you expecting ? Balance maybe ? buwhahahahaha

The reason I didn't reroll all Romulans is because...

...the Cardassians, if next, will be even more powerful than the Romulans.
...the Liberated Borg, if next, will be even more powerful than the Romulans.

Whether the Cardassians or Liberated Borg are next, either will be more powerful than the Romulans...but the one that comes after them will be even more powerful than them.

Personally, that's why I'm hoping the Cardassians are next...cause I'd rather the Liberated Borg be more powerful.