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09-17-2013, 06:41 AM
I tend to think of control powers as any ability which restricts the target/opponent in any way, not just movement. Denying someone the ability to attack (weapons offline) or denying them their buffs (subnuc) is just as much a means of controlling them as restricting their movement. In fact those are the more powerful forms of control in PvP since pretty much everybody has either APO or PH for hold immunity. Not everybody has room in their setup for ST or ET to clear those related debuffs.

NPCs are a little different because they're both dumb as rocks and tend to cheat when it comes to disables. So in the case of PvE, the useful type of control power flips back in favor of movement restrictions since most mobs have little to no hold immunity.

Also, in most games a "drain" means to drain HP, and isn't a type of control. In STO though, "drain" means "drain power", which is a form of control because it can lower a target's ability to attack, defend, move and/or heal. While drain builds are not as potent as they once were, stacking drain powers like Polaron weapons, Tyken's, and Plasmonic Leech on each other can still have a noticeable effect.