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Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Double-tap is bad gameplay - period, end of story. It's a workaround for a shared cooldown that was always supposed to prevent exactly what's happening. It fixes a lot of things about this small problem - but the point that many are making (and that I agree with) is that this fix is just a drop in the moderately large bucket in the grand scheme of unwinding and overhauling combat math to make things feel fair for both aggressors and defenders, and make combat between evenly matched adversaries take a more reasonable amount of time. The trick to any of these changes is that our PvE combat is in a pretty good place - people can have a lot of fun flying just about any ship, and can contribute meaningfully to queued events and basically have a blast. Therefore, any change to combat math that also affects PvE is extremely high risk - so the knobs we have to balance and tweak PvP pacing are limited to those that don't have unintended side effects.

It's not an impossible job - it just requires a lot of care and time investment. If things are broken or things are really bad gameplay, it's easy to justify stepping in and fixing something immediately. If things aren't either of the above but are still less fun or less engaging than they could be, we obviously want to fix them - it just takes more work and more time to get the fix right and minimize any external side effects of that fix.

That's a bit of a ramble, but I know you guys like insight into why we change things we choose to change and how we make the game, so hopefully it interests you/makes sense to you. Please try to stay positive and constructive in responses - I'm happy to entertain discussions and talk about things openly, but if you start flaming or posting off-topic things, it's really hard to justify responding to something like that.

Wrong; Double-tap HAS BECOME bad gameplay since LoR came with battlecloak, 5 tactical consoles, superior infiltrator, superior operative, elachi dual beam banks and duty officers with 35% shield bypass. Until that time Bird of Prey used it, but they had minus one tactical console and minus 6% Crth compared to Warbirds (Klingons also don't have space traits). BoP captains won't complain about the nerf (and it is a nerf caused by greed, at least Cryptic must asume some responsability for the power creep) since they already use torpedos.
But it's not the double Beam Overload nerf that bothers me; it's the 5 seconds discussion. In case you forgot, there's a whole class called Raider, that hasn't yet been deleted. It stil exists and one of the purposes of this class is actually to have a chance to get kills in that 5 seconds window. My questions is : will that chance be totaly eliminated in future updates ?