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09-17-2013, 11:18 AM
Im a little bummed out too. The mirror Vo'Quv was my first carrier. Blew all kinds of dil on pets (purple Slavers particularly). Man I was getting some great loot b4 the 'fix', so I didnt really mind that they played like they were made of paper. Now though . . . I mean the EC was always low . . . but seriously? . . . 100 EC . . . a common prisoner IF IM LUCKY?! What gives? WTF am I going to to with 100 EC anyway? I can get 8000% more lootz just setting up Marauding Doffs on my Kling! Whats the point?

Argh. One thing Id like to see to make up for this is just going ahead and making the pets interchangeable. Let my Jem Dread have my rare BoPs for crying out loud. The game already says that I have quit my job and poop in a bucket while being fed intravenously in order to have any hope in hell of getting 9999999999999999999999999 EC for a Jem Attack ship. Suppose it could be worse . . . could be Fed with a carrier. Still dont get why they have access to them at all though.