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09-17-2013, 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by dahminus View Post

If you want damage. Use this build

Do you know how to set auto fire priorities?

Plasmonic leech may be added, but ya, that other build was juat...not rifht
that build would reduce my damage by at least 25% I run a pure torp boat except for the cutting beam. I have no wep power or skills to boost energy weps. I'm doing 22-25K damage sustained with that build and groups of ships such as azure nebula and khitomer probes die very quickly. In azure nebula I can clear a tarantula and the rest of it's pack in under 5 seconds. I can take out a cube on khitomer in elite in less. the drones drop enemy shield very quickly with their BO and FAW, gravity well ensures that torps aoe damage hurt everything and when ships blow up they hurt each other more. It seems like a very odd build and it is. but it has insane damage. At the same time, I almost never die, ever. Unless i am stupid and stop paying attention to stuff around me