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Each weapon type (beams, cannons, torpedos, etc) has its own properties, it's very important to know them:
Beam Arrays fire relatively weak shots with very wide targeting arcs. Their damage remains relatively constant over long distances. Beams damage shields more than the hull. They are very versatile and suited to cruisers and some science vessels with low turn rates, best used for broadsiding.
Dual beams arrays do more damage but have narrower targeting arcs.
Single Cannons fire in bursts and do more damage with a slightly narrower targeting arc. They are equally effective against shields and hull but their damage decreases as the distance between them and their enemies lengthen.
Dual Cannons* have a narrower firing arc but do a lot more damage. They are unpopular for the existence of DHCs.
Dual Heavy Cannons* have the same firing arc as DCs, but deals much more damage, though they drain more of your weapons power, by 2... These are best used as forward weapons for escorts or science vessels with high turn rates.
Turrets have the lowest DPS in game, however, they are the only standard weapons that have 360 degrees of firing freedom, meaning they can fire no matter where your enemy is. They are best suited as rear weapons for escorts.
Torpedoes deal kinetic damage to the enemy. Their damage does not increase over distance. They are used VERY effectively against bare hull. A well timed high yield torpedo can take out half of a ship's hull. However, shields decrease the most of the damage caused by torpedoes.
*Only escorts (usually) can equip these weapons
Mines are... Mines... They are basically torpedoes that don't move unless an enemy moves close. They take several seconds to activate once laid. Special mines, such as the Romulan Cloaking Tractor Beam Mines, have special abilities.
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