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Originally Posted by omegashinzon View Post
Do you have any links that might have official comments regarding this? [i.e. source] I couldn't help but notice multiple contradictions in his statement you quoted from so maybe we need to point back to "original design" for them. Not about pain points, yeah right. Because making it to at least level 20, starting a KDF toon, getting to carrier suitable level, obtaining said carrier, buying advanced or elite slavers, and finally using them in an actual mission of some type was not exactly "easy" to begin with. If it's not about dil than why are there 101 ways to make more ec in a fraction of the setup time? Anyhow, if you have a date appropriate link regarding their creation, that'd be great.
Pretty much I mostly play the game but I don't keep records of forum threads i'm too lazy to do that

Most likely the contradictions were likely that they were made without knowing all the information needed to make the statements that were made. All I have been trying to do is set it straight. Although the parts I agree with are that its not completely an investment. Its an investment in getting supplemental items so the statement in some areas is a right on assessment then again some of it just is propaganda.

For the most part though they just need to change it back to the way it was or else we will have a repeat of season 4 again.

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