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Issues like this one is why all the old posts are "Archived" its a tactic for trying to erase the truth. Besides the whole making the old player base re-purchase the interceptors it was designed to be a supplemental investment to where you are getting something. Not to say its designed for farming but its suppossed to be for getting something rather than nothing.

So bottom line some of us do not forget so easily and rather than make excuses they should find a solution to the problem rather than place blame somewhere else.

Edit: Although at the time a lot of the devs we have now weren't devs then or much less followed the issue/may not even know what was actually going on with the KDF with this issue as well. So with the archiving as one means of not easily accessing that info there is also a chance the statements in this thread were made on the basis of not actually knowing about the incident as well.
Right. Who are we to say what their intent is? This is why Bort's "It's not a conspiracy!" comment disturbs me. It could be simply the information he is being provided is inaccurate. Either way, I don't think we care. What we do care is these are not performing as they should. That is to say [virtually] no one bought these for their fighting capability and at some point, the "intended purpose" of their creation included a fair return on investment. Much as one creates a Ferengi toon for the discounts. I imagine if they reduced the Ferengi discount to .01%, similar backlash would ensue. It's a shame said posts are archived as I have been unable to locate even the introduction of Slavers in release notes. (Hoping something of intended design was mentioned) Either way, telling us something long after the fact does not make it true. We know why these were made, and we know they are paying a pittance of what they previously did. No compensation whatsoever was made. i.e. Less Contra but twice the dps or hull : Less Contra but up to 100k ec! It seems anything fun/profitable/efficient whatsoever in the game is eventually "nerf fixed". All this time and energy could easily be put towards making the game [mostly] free of bugs & more enjoyable which is almost never the case.

P.S. adding more ships and consoles and doo-dads is not improving the game.

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