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Originally Posted by veritech05 View Post
There is something I just love about torpedo boats! I have a Ha'Feh and a Scimitar set up similarly to yours.

So I have a few questions on how you fly this and how some of the timers on the torps works so here goes.

I see you have three Breen Cluster torpedoes. How often do they cycle. Are they on the same timer?

You also have the Romulan Hyper Plasma torp. I keep running into the torps and singing my wings. How do you avoid that?

Also is the Romulan Hyper Plasma and the Omega Torpedo on the same timer? I have trouble when I have both on the same arc.

Do you attack mostly from Cloak? I find that I try to use cloaked barrage as often as possible.

I notice that you use Torpedo: High Yield. Why not Torpedo: Spread for groups? While I'm at it how in the heck do you get either of those as III version?

Thanks for posting!
The breens cycle together but have different cooldowns, the 3 purple torp doffs I have ensure that i'm firing a breen generally every 20 seconds at most I think it is, you don't want more than 2 on the same arc.

I generally sit and camp. The setup I use make the enemies do part of the damage to each other. sitting on stuff like gates my dps does drop because of that. the drones have scramble sensors, combine that with gravity well forcing the baddies together and the adapted maco 3 peice the only target they have to shoot is each other. drones also help them strip each others shield real fast. so you end up with a pack of ships attacking each other and each ship takes significant splash damage from every torp you fire. since it's generally a high yield or cluster or tricobalt/bio-neutral and none of them have a spec of shielding once you start hitting them, plasma dots on them all, drone damage... etc. on top of that once they start dying they blow up right next to thier fellows, almost always under 1km and with no shields it's just a nasty chain reaction of death.

to avoid the scimitar drift when you need to stop on a dime, toggle your engines while at full impulse before you fire or anything else and you stop real quick. gotta be smart in where you sit though too. too close to a gate thats not your target and you're gonna get hurt, on azure i park just under 5km so i'm under their net range but far enough not to hurt myself with my own torps.

I also don't have cloaked barrage, I have the other 2 pieces. Makes for a nice long ambush bonus. I toggle cloak momentarily when it come off cooldown to get the ambush bonus back. I do a lot of micro management to make it shine.

@dahminus I've hit up to 27k dps but i'm normally around 24k in khitomer elite and infected elite. part of that damage # though comes from forcing the enemy to do friendly fire and having the blow up together in close range. I also have good crit chance and severity.

EDIT for the romulan plasma and omega plasma. whatever is on the left has priority. so make sure it's the romulan or the omega will often over ride it

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