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Originally Posted by pcscipio View Post
Wrong; Double-tap HAS BECOME bad gameplay since LoR came with battlecloak, 5 tactical consoles, superior infiltrator, superior operative, elachi dual beam banks and duty officers with 35% shield bypass. Until that time Bird of Prey used it, but they had minus one tactical console and minus 6% Crth compared to Warbirds (Klingons also don't have space traits). BoP captains won't complain about the nerf (and it is a nerf caused by greed, at least Cryptic must asume some responsability for the power creep) since they already use torpedos.
But it's not the double Beam Overload nerf that bothers me; it's the 5 seconds discussion. In case you forgot, there's a whole class called Raider, that hasn't yet been deleted. It stil exists and one of the purposes of this class is actually to have a chance to get kills in that 5 seconds window. My questions is : will that chance be totaly eliminated in future updates ?
Is it bad gameplay? Ask your self what the current meta game is at the moment to need to double tap.

Double tapping is skillful in premades and often difficult, insta popping people in Kerrat whil engaging borg doesn't count and shouldn't. It takes more 5 secs to kill someone. You failed to take into account the minute or so prepping the target, watching for his buffs, coordination e.t.c.

the execution may be quick but the coordination even longer. You can kill with a all cannon setup in a premade, just use SNB.

Ask yourself also will 5sec vaping still happen.. (the answer to this will be yes), and more people will still be crying out for nerfs, o a 4dhc crf3 killed me... nerf it.

You have to adapt your build to the current or future meta game or get left behind
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