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09-17-2013, 02:39 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
this is not quite optimized, but its getting there. i like running 3 tech doffs with AtB builds, but you can get by on 2 when you double up AtB. run 2 copies of AtB1, thers no need to use a LTC slot for AtB2. then you could run RSP2 instead. you only need 1 copy of DEM too, try getting someone to train ET3 for you or maybe slot EWP1. you dont need 2 copies of FAW, you could run APB, or BO2 so you can chose between AOE or a bit of spike to finnish someone off.

its sort of pointless to run the cutting beam if you arent using the borg console too for the 2 part bonus. the cutting beam deal kinetic damage, and unless its hitting hull directly its doing next to nothing. ether get the borg console, or an 8th beam array.
I have the console to go with the cutting beam I might have labeled it wrong I was getting ready for work when I posted hehe. I was pondering on using BO2 so I don't have to AOE all the time but it was fun driving my carrier using friend crazy in duels. I will do some swapping around with your suggestions. Thanks for the input.