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Originally Posted by pcscipio View Post
My 3 tactical consoles Fleet Norgh needs double tap to strip one side of the shilelds so i could get in some torps. Fleet Dhelan/Fleet Ha'feh with 5 tactical consoles, extra 6 crth, 3x BO doffs, elachi DBB doesn even need torps; or stuns, or holds ; accx3 and maybe the nukara console nulifies APO3 defense . TT, no shield utility.
Oh, people will stil get killed under 5 seconds.
I will repeat some points in case you have not read my entire last post:

"Cryptic must asume some responsability for the power creep"

"Raider... It stil exists... purpose.. to have a chance to get kills in that 5 seconds window "

"will that chance (chance to get kills in that 5 seconds window) be totaly eliminated in future updates ?"
well the simple answer will be No to all since cryptic has no interest in any of them except to nerf for the 'casual' player
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