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Greetings all,

I was thinking, iam getting burned out of the same ground missions available for PVE fleet credits or otherwise. Id like to see the reactivation or revamped Station 24 Ground that was around during the 1st year of the game going live and was removed due to its continuing issues that just never worked but was a great ground map and with having to run with 5 ppl, it would make a great map if Cryptic could reactivate it or revamp it, it was hard as well. Otherwise, i would welcome a few new maps, i love colony invasion and salt mines but i would certainly welcome a few more maps.


May i tell you about a mission i made....

It is called "Attack on Lackey Starbase"

I want to give you a brief intro about this mission.

Before season 5 there was a mission that went along with the Fleet action we all know as Starbase 24 where you had to beam to the station and rescue 7 scientists and download some data from the computer console at the end of the room, for some reason cryptic removed this mission and i was very upset about it so i took it upon myself to try and recreate it.

Now first you will notice is that I'm not using the Starbase 24 System as the starting point, that is because cryptic wont allow me to do that.

2nd you will also notice that some of the story doesn't really match the old mission, well that's because i don't remember the mission 100% but i did my best to recreate it

I hope this will help you get your sb24 ground mission desire until star-fleet allows us to re enter that map again
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