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Originally Posted by veritech05 View Post
There is something I just love about torpedo boats! I have a Ha'Feh and a Scimitar set up similarly to yours.

So I have a few questions on how you fly this and how some of the timers on the torps works so here goes.

I see you have three Breen Cluster torpedoes. How often do they cycle. Are they on the same timer?

You also have the Romulan Hyper Plasma torp. I keep running into the torps and singing my wings. How do you avoid that?

Also is the Romulan Hyper Plasma and the Omega Torpedo on the same timer? I have trouble when I have both on the same arc.

Do you attack mostly from Cloak? I find that I try to use cloaked barrage as often as possible.

I notice that you use Torpedo: High Yield. Why not Torpedo: Spread for groups? While I'm at it how in the heck do you get either of those as III version?

Thanks for posting!
Regarding singeing your wings with the unstable plasma, my solution has always been to fire it from Full Impulse. Get some distance, then zoom in and fire at the last possible second. By the time you slow to normal speed, you'll be out of the 2.5km blast radius. Just be sure to keep going so you don't get caught in the death pyre... heh...
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