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09-17-2013, 05:02 PM
Both the Ausmonauts and the Imperial Ausmonauts are accepting Romulans.

On the FED side, the Ausmonauts have tier 5 Starbase and Tactical, with the Engineering upgrade on cooldown, with Tier 4 Science as well. We have a fully completed Embassy. The Dilithium Mine has Trade tier 3 complete, and Development Tier 3 on cooldown.

On the KDF side, the Imperial Ausmonauts have tier 4 Starbase, Tactical and Engineering, and we are nearing Tier 4 Science. We have Tier 3 Diplomacy and Recruitment, and the Tier 3 Embassy upgrade is almost filled. The Dilithium Mine has Trade tier 2, and almost has Development Tier 3.

Join the Ausmonauts today at

Qapla' and Jolan Tru!

Ausmonauts Chief of Staff