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# 44 Ways to Get it Done
09-17-2013, 06:30 PM
Well there are several different ways that this ability could be implemented into the gameplay.

1) Emote - Since the Rock Throwing Animation for the NPC's is there why not just make an emote for all players.

2) Trait - Make a Gorn Trait similar to the Gorn Bite Trait

3) Gorn Ground Kit - Have these accessable through the Dilithium Store. Kits include 3 Unique abilities based off Gorn Lore.


Gorn Mark Kit -
Abilities: Bite, Rock Throwing , Sensor Feedback (Seen in Arena causes enemy weapon to jam and backfire causing some damage)

VR Gorn Kit - All the above abilities, plus Claw Strike (What S'tass uses in Second Wave)

4) Gorn Ground Set
The Honor Guard has a set, the Maco's and Omega's have a set, the Nukara Strike Force has a set, and the Jem'hedar have a set. So why not a Gorn ground set.

Shield Type: Resislient
Armor : HP Boosting
Weapon: Gorn Mini-Gun

2-Piece Bonus: 5% Increased HP, and Rope Trap Ability
3-Piece Bonus: 7% Increased HP, Rope Trap Ability, Throwing Rock

Just some creative ideas to spur us on!