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09-17-2013, 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by eamoncoo View Post
I have to say that the idea behind this and all the effort is great and you have done a great job hilbert. But I think this leaderboard is unbiased as it is being used mainly by premades in pug stomping. All you have to do is take the last 10 matches and see it's premades against pugs.
I believe using this tool in this way is just a d**k measuring tool. I know of several occasions where some who have the tool have been beaten and yet there is no results on your board.
Don't get me wrong I think it's a fantastic tool, if used by all not just a select few when they feel like it.
I think you mean *biased*. And I agree, originally I loved the idea, however the board itself greatly discourages pugging in my opinion. You have to be very careful about what matches you take and not even run ACT/Client when you will be pugging if you're to maintain good standing on the board. The problem is it's completely luck of the draw that will determine you're score in a public arena match. Not your skill. This PvP is utterly team dependent so to have a leader board for individuals does not work.
I do like the stats, and the top tens, and it's great to have something interesting linked to our matches, it's just hard to take it seriously unless all you do is TD matches.
There are exceptions to the "premade benefiting most from the board" as there are some captains that just do enough damage solo to always place well.
However this exception is more rare in the case of pure support roles. If you have a very competent team with good survivability, you will need to heal less, thus having a lower score.
Also, there are currently not enough registered members in my opinion, to counter the possibility of scores purposely not being uploaded or manipulated.