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09-17-2013, 10:06 PM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Well, just had what was possibly the worst instance of ISE I've ever encountered.

The team was a Sci in a Recluse, and Eng in a Scimitar, a Sci in an Odyssey and a Tac in a Sovereign - and me using my Vesta.

Talk about fail! The first cube took a little longer than usual, which didn't inspire confidence. Then the team fly to the right; now, I am not saying that there is anything necessarily wrong with that and I've certainly been in instances where the team opted to start on the right - no problem with this at all as long as the usual 'procedure' is adopted.

However, in this particular instance the Scimitar and Recluse start shooting at the cube, the other two kill a transformer between them. Spheres spawn and the idiots spend the next ten minutes fighting spheres instead of doing anything even remotely useful. Seriously - ten minutes passed and they all they had managed to do was die quite a few times themselves and kill all of two transformers. That was it. Two transformers.

Have to admit, I did help out at first, but it was so obvious that the team were out of their depth that I posted (in team chat) that they should perhaps consider trying Infected on normal before jumping into Elite. I then bailed as the instance was simply too painful to spend another second in and the penalty was well worth it on this occasion.

Assuming that they continued, I shudder to think how long that instance must have lasted!
Hey, for all you know they could still be at it right now, wondering when ISE's fail mechanic will kick in.
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