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Originally Posted by dpsloss88 View Post
I took this seriously until I started examining some of the ship builds. LOL this is an effing joke. I could kill most of these ships without using any boff powers. Some ships claim to be "shield strippers" while running all torpedoes, lol.

I stopped reading this thread at the first "APD"...
ooh alright, i'll bite. i cant just let this go unanswered, those trying to learn might doubt that this is a good place to get information if i dont point out how stupid you are.

most of these builds are outdated sure, but a lot of things changed since romulas, and a lot of things change each lockbox. i'll warm over things here eventually people. you could beat these builds without boff powers? i bet you couldn't beat most npcs with boff powers. im sure i must have stomped you at some point to drive you to make this post, dont make it a negative experience, learn from every death, i do.

shield stripes are doffed TB, tach beam, and CPB. tetryon glider is an extra drain applied per shot from the omega set 2 part, and is not so much a strip but a very slow gradual drain. torpedoes are an obvious counterpart to skills that remove shields without weapons fire, its just to bad that they are totally ineffective since the skill tree change, i believe theres some builds here, not by me, that predate even that update. im sure most people reading this thread arent even aware that the current skill tree is not the original come to think of it.

you laugh at APD? you are simply an idiot, thats all that needs to be said.
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