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Originally Posted by dpsloss88 View Post
I took this seriously until I started examining some of the ship builds. LOL this is an effing joke. I could kill most of these ships without using any boff powers. Some ships claim to be "shield strippers" while running all torpedoes, lol.

I stopped reading this thread at the first "APD"...
You do know you're the joke around here, right? You don't know what the term 'shield strippers' refers don't understand the purpose of's a hint. Running APD or APB with APO lets you use just 2 AP doffs - and APB is cleared by TT, so APD! Plus it's a team-castable resist.....

Besides, look at the date some of the builds are posted.....

If anyone is to be laughed at here, it's you for coming in and making fun of builds which are either outmoded anyway, or which you clearly do not understand the purpose of, showing your own limited knowledge in the process.
Take it easy!

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