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09-18-2013, 02:13 AM
I don't think 23rd century would really make a good addition. There are some bits and pieces from the era that are good, and we have even now and I think that's enough, Nimbus III content is already great for that! To add to all this - not too long ago there was a vote of which series we would want in the game more, and despite anything people (including me) voted for more Voyager. Now, that is going to be nice to see! Voyager were a great series, I believe TOS was an option, and people didn't pick it, and that's understandable I think, since we are in a completely new era. I don't mind time travel at all though!

Speaking of Ferengi - I think in TNG Picard mentioned that there were rumors about the Ferengi, so the Federation did have some clues I guess. They probably just didn't make an official contact.
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