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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
far older and inferior ships are much more common then the galaxy class. as soon as they decided to make retrofits any original intention went out the window
Very true.
Especially if you look at the Galor Class which is in "real" trek far inferior than a GCS.
Not talking about the Excelsior, Ambassador or t5 (Fleet) Nova class ().
... and these are just the most blatant examples of inferior shipclasses in STO.

(Who comes up the idea of a Nova class having more FP than a Galaxy class? I don't get that, really.)

Besides dontdrunks 3-Pack i could imagine the GCS becoming a Cruiser/Science Hybrid, having special [aux] phaser arrays, similar to the Vestas DHCs.

Its BOFF/console Layout:

Tactical: Lt.
Engineering: Cmdr.
Science: Lt.
Universal: Cmdr., Ensign

Instead of being a relatively nimble ship like the Vesta, the GCS would be a much heavier/slower ship, which would make it able to equip its [aux] phaser arrays fore and aft.
Additonally it should get a similar 3 console pack, like Dontdrunk has porposed. (it's just the best GCS console bundle i can imagine.)

All this and a few tweaks with its turnrate* shouldn't make this ship anywhere OP. But it would make the GCS finally a fun to fly ship and less a punishment for its fans.

*even the huge Scimitar has a turnrate of 7, the moonbosh has 10. So i think it would be justifyable to give the GCS a turnrate of 8 or 9.
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