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09-18-2013, 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
Is there really enough of us to make any real leaderboard worthwhile? It's a great idea of course but there's too few of us.
Yes i do believe they're are enough PvP players for any real leaderbords, the fact is it may not seems to enough pvp players but the reality is even us PvP players have got caught up in our own PvE grind to get resources to upgrade our toons like Omega, Nukara, New Romulus, Fleet Marks which is all exculsively on PvE queues. (well there is some fleet marks on PvP missions daily)

I bet you if PvP have it's own marks people will be playing on PvP. look at World of ******** for an example there's a reason why alot of players play it's PvP and why only a few people on STO PvP's at any given time... it's because in World of ******** PvP it rewards it players with an currency that can buy PvP tech which in STO PvP have no such rewards except for Dilithium.

the sad fact is Cryptic neglected STO's pvp forcing all players to grind in PvE queue's to get the best tech.