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The Romulan Vet Reward shuttle (Commanders Gig) comes with two skins, the Scoutship from "The Defector" and the Science ship from "The Next Phase". IRL both ships used the same model with alterations, with the Science Ship being unscaled to appear larger on screen.
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For several reasons. I can understand the scout ship being a shuttle/small craft. The Science ship is not. Yes, it was the same model redressed. They SPECIFICALLY made sure in that episode that the ship was much bigger through forced perspective such that the Science ship was about 1/3 the size of the Galaxy-class Enterprise-D. The dialoge also indicates that there is a significant number of personnel on the ship making MUCH larger than some small craft.

From another point, Talon class is but one of the names for the scout ship which I would be content with(others being Theta and Lanora). The Science ship should NOT share the same class name as the scout ship.