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Originally Posted by nabreeki View Post
With me, my patience has been tested again and again in IGE. I cannot count how many times I've had to pull a group out of the gutter and carry them on my shoulders...until the very last room where they all fall off the platforms after aggroing every single borg in a 10 mile radius.

It's not so much the optional that bothers me -- I expect that at least one person will run over the trigger lines in order to Rambo down a bunch of borg (or die instantly), but the simplest part of the whole map, the "we need three people to click at the same time" is often the most frustrating part of the whole IGE experience.

Also -- the guy who trains borg in KAGE to the spawn point.
The only time I have ever seen you in IGE you were running around with a fire extinguisher and screwing up the optional stuff purposely.

But hey, it was amusing enough. Especially when no one would rez you and you had to wait forever just to do it again.

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