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Originally Posted by dpsloss88 View Post
APD means no APO. Unless my assumption is totally wrong about attack pattern shared cooldowns.
its totally wrong APD fits perfectly between 2 copies of APO, or with 1 copy of APO and 2 AP doffs. infact, if you did not run 1 APO and 1 APD with the AP doffs, you would need a 3rd to get APO to its global.

Originally Posted by dpsloss88 View Post
I would love someone to actually convince me that anyone here knows what they are talking about. Reading dozens of posts the only one that seemed to know what he was doing was the person talking about tactics for Scimitars constantly cycling cloak. If you can win a pvp match with all torps then you really are impressive.

One thing I have learned in 30 years of gaming is that geek arrogance is rarely based in fact, and most people who think they are intelligent simply are not.
the scimitar tactic post was mine. everything ive posted here are things ive used successfully or variants of it. ship building becomes incredibly intuitive after enough experience, when every single station power is a known factor, and you know how everything will mesh together. i've pvped for 3 and a half years, and i wouldn't make a thread like this if i didn't have this all down to a science, it would be a disservice, not a service.
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