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I understand you are upset and you don't mean what you said. In our skirmishes yesterday, I noticed you have incorporated new tactics and started to mix up your attacks, which made you far less predictable than before. Without a doubt, the upcoming fix of double BO exploit has forced you to come with more creative attacks, which have undoubtedly make you a better player than before. If you don't mind, I like to post the screenshots of our chat yesterday to help people understand the situation of BO-balance and what it means for others in similar situation as you are, hopefully, it will help you see the bright side of things, aka. its silver lining.

Emoe@EmoeJoe : [Combat (Self)] Your Dual Antiproton Banks - Overload III deals 26574 (65754) Antiproton Damage (Critical) to Iskan . need 4

Double Tap, Attack & Counter-Attack

For the first time in a long time, your attacks have become unpredictable and I wasn't sure how to deal with you at first. Normally, I wouldn't even give you the chance to land any Crit shot but you managed to Double tap me several times yesterday even though none of them ultimately worked and you died following my counter-attacks - you almost got me though. You even landed a 65K BO III - I hope you realize how insane that was. T'Varo with 4 Tact consoles buffing a normally 1550 Antiproton DBB shot (@ Weapons Power = 125) by a scandalous 4300% in a single shot is already super OP at 65754. Your single BO III delivered so much burst damage that it would take that same DBB firing at maximum Weapons Power for almost a minute to reproduce the same amount of damage. Remember when Vang was one-shot by you recently and he came to this thread to QQ about it because you shoot through his RSP? I did not foresee a single Crit shot from you could have done so much damage, you best my estimation by a wooping 50%. You also realize at 65K+ in one single shot, that's already greater than the hull of the toughest of all cruisers. Now, let's put this in perspective. If we continue to allow you or anyone else to Double Tap, effectively doubling up the above mentioned shot provided both went critical - is there realistically any counter possible against such attack? The answer is none.

Some people like to claim there are a "gazillion ways" to counter double tap - those are nice in theory because well, they are only good in theory. To survive a real Double Tap, it actually requires some luck on the part of the defender. The reason being a seasoned double tapper like yourself carefully watch for buffs and almost always only attack when the target is already overwhelmed or fully engaged against other targets. In other words, you pick the most opportunistic time to engage your decloak alpha and the target realistically had 1 second or less to react because you can engage tractor as soon as you hit decloak even before you are fully decloaked. With so many ships cloaking and decloaking, it's no longer possible to discern whether the decloaking sound comes from a friend or foe - I have often reacted to false alarms. So my only cue is when I noticed a tractor locking on and spoted you flying close from the corner of my eye. And naturally, I was already in another battle when you decloaked to attak although in the back of my mind, I was saving buffs just in case for such attack because I knew you are nearby and you would only target me and no one else. Had you approached me from a different camera angle, the outcome could have been very different. Know that each of my shield facing has an effective shielding close to 60K each side yet you still managed to down one facing against a ship that is flying at 100+ = that is 35% faster than Ramming Speed, it shows how skilled you truly are but at the same time, it also illustrates how desperate most PvPers, even most elite PvPers would be, totally hopeless against your double tap. The attacks were so fast, as the target, I couldn't even see the two shots that hit me, hence why I asked you later if it was in fact Double Tap, which you confirmed. It goes to show how seriously broken Double Tap is regardless whether you were successful or not in your attacks. I honestly believe I survived yesterday in part due to luck. Yes, your shot crit otherwise you probably won't even be able to pierce my shields but I was lucky that I had a buff readily available when you attacked considering how badly the Klink outnumbered Fed last night in Kerrat - I spent the whole time getting gangked up 1 to 5 before you showed up, which became 1 to 7, not even funny - had to take refuge near the Borg a few times, how ironic...

Not everyone can afford a 500 million ec price tag in ship + equipment + consoles + doffs. And if that's what it takes to survive double tap and Klingon ganking, then there is something seriously broken about PvP.

I believe you can continue to adapt and come up with ways to beat anyone without Double Tap - you have already demonstrated considerable creativity in the new way you approached me in such a short period of time. In other words, the reliance on Double Tap made you stagnant for so long but now that it will be gone, it has forced you to think again, which is an important silver lining in all this. Some may think : "Without Double Tap, how am I going to be able to kill anything?" The truth is you will adapt and surprise your targets. There is no better attack than surprise your opponent - use that, you can beat anyone with it.
tldr. ive got 34 boffs and a myriad of on the fly setups. you are a noob. you know nothign of the game andnever will. i decided to just keep it to myself. the next op thing when u die, and it doent show in the logs, and u dont know... u can spend hours figuring it out on your own.