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09-19-2013, 01:00 AM
Originally Posted by jjgrands420 View Post
tldr. ive got 34 boffs and a myriad of on the fly setups. you are a noob. you know nothign of the game andnever will. i decided to just keep it to myself. the next op thing when u die, and it doent show in the logs, and u dont know... u can spend hours figuring it out on your own.
LOL, it's true I am a noob. Though you keep getting blown up by a noob, so what does that say about you, Maestro Mini?

Can't even remember the last time you managed to beat me, Mini, regress much? On the other hand, I can't recall the last time when you managed to survive your own ambush against me. Why is that, Maestro?

So maybe you should try to prove it on the battlefield through actions as opposed to talking tough like a kitty hawk?

BTW, making up something on the fly is not going to work. Show me you actually have a strategy that doesn't involve exploit, broken toys (e.g. 50 sec Graviton Pulse) and etc. because well, without it, you ain't going anywhere, that much is certain.