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Originally Posted by jjgrands420 View Post
u have bad memory. but im not liek you or your kind, so i ownt post videos here to shame you liek u have doen to my fleet abnd friends. truth is you ARE a noob. a new player with no respect for the games tradtitions orthose who have come before you. your just one of the many nerfcriers who ruin games everywhere. u thought one shot with tricobalt was an exploit. not worth your time? thansk for post ur idiocy and condescending tone is recorded in perpetuity
Please post your videos then though I already know you can't because they don't exist. Posting youtube links is most definitely allowed, plenty of people have done so except I have never posted video of anykind because I have never taken any STO video and don't know how to do it anyway. Sounds like you are really confused but you aren't the first one. In any event, I play this game for fun, so I can assure you there is no button for you to push. I am just reacting with amusement, nothing more. For the record, the Tricobalt nerf is before my time, I can't possibly have commented on it because its nerf happened before I even started to play this game. But anyway, I forgive you for mixing me up with someone else since I am just a noob and am obviously a poorly skilled player who knows nothing.

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